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Mary's Breakfast$6.00

Your choice of ham, bacon or sausage with two eggs cooked your way, hash browns and toast or a biscuit
(26 carbs, 282 calories, 8g protein)

Western Omelette$9.00

Three egg omelet stuffed with ham, sausage, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and shredded cheese. Served with hash browns and your choice of toast or a biscuit
(With Toast: 61 carbs, 1118 calories, 65g protein | With Biscuit: 69 carbs, 1188 calories, 64g protein)

Meat & Cheese Omelette$8.00

Three egg omelet stuffed with a breakfast meat of choice and covered in shredded cheese and served with hash browns and your choice of toast or a biscuit
(With Bacon: 1 carb, 426 calories, 33g protein | With Sausage: 1 carb, 486 calories, 32g protein | With Ham: 5 carbs, 286 calories, 40g protein)

Loaded Hash Browns$9.00

Hash browns with ham, sausage, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and shredded cheese. Served with your choice of toast or a biscuit
(With Toast: 62 carbs, 762 calories, 37g protein | With Biscuit: 70 carbs, 832 calories, 35g protein)

Breakfast Toaster$5.00

Your choice of ham, bacon or sausage with an egg and cheese served on your choice of Texas toast, croissant, or a biscuit

Texas Toast
(Bacon: 40 carbs, 612 calories, 28g protein | Sausage: 40 carbs, 742 calories, 31g protein | Ham: 44 carbs, 482 calories, 30g protein)

(Bacon: 21 carbs, 615 calories, 25g protein | Sausage: 21 carbs, 745 calories, 27g protein | Ham: 25 carbs, 471calories, 26g protein)

(Bacon: 31 carbs, 732 calories, 32g protein | Sausage: 31 carbs, 862 calories, 33g protein | Ham: 35 carbs, 562 calories, 32g protein)

Cheese Omelette$6.00

Three egg omelet stuffed with shredded cheese and served with hash browns and your choice of toast or a biscuit
(With Toast: 14 carbs, 415 calories, 28g protein | With Biscuit: 28 carbs, 646 calories, 33g protein)

Smothered Chicken Fry$11.00

4 oz. hand breaded cube steak on a bed of hash browns covered in cream gravy and topped with two slices of thick cut bacon and an egg
(45 carbs, 872 calories, 46g protein)

Carol's Scrambler$4.00

Two scrambled eggs with spinach and tomatoes served with two slices of bacon
(6 carbs, 275 calories, 25g protein)

Pork Chop & Eggs$10.00

6 oz. pork chop served with two eggs, hash browns and your choice of toast or a biscuit
(40 carbs, 654 calories, 37g protein)

Steak & Eggs$12.00

8 oz. sirloin served with two eggs, hash browns and your choice of toast or a biscuit
(26 carbs, 578 calories, 66g protein)

Biscuits & Gravy

Freshly baked biscuits smothered in gravy
Plain: Full - $3 | Half - $1.50
Sausage: Full - $5 | Half - $3
With Sausage
(Single: 31 carbs, 720 calories, 26g protein | Double: 62 carbs, 1240 calories, 45g protein)

Oatmeal or Grits$3.00

Served with your choice of toast or a biscuit
(With Toast: 41 carbs, 400 calories, 3g protein | With Biscuit: 52 carbs, 620 calories, 8g protein)

French Toast$5.00

Two slices of thick French toast with powdered sugar
(36 carbs, 240 calories, 8g protein)


Large and fluffy.
Double - $4 | Single - $2

Pancakes Without Syrup
(Single: 15 carbs, 55 calories, 2g protein | Double: 30 carbs, 110 calories, 4g protein)


Golden Belgium waffle served with butter and warm syrup
(47 carbs, 400 calories, 8g protein)

Breakfast Sides

Ham Steak: 4 carbs, 100 calories, 17g protein | Bacon Slices (3): 0 carbs 270 calories, 15g protein | Sausage Patties (2): 0 carbs, 400 calories, 18g protein | Egg: 0 carbs, 72 calories, 6g protein | Side Of Gravy: 4 carbs, 75 calories, 3g protein | Sausage Gravy: 4 carbs, 75 calories, 3g protein | Hash Browns: 26 carbs, 210 calories, 2g protein | Breakfast Potatoes: 22 carbs, 187 calories, 2g protein | Cinnamon Roll: 57 carbs, 400 calories, 5g protein | TOAST: Texas Toast: 20 carbs, 100 calories, 3g protein | Wheat: 14 carbs, 76 calories, 3g protein | Biscuit: 31 carbs, 320 calories, 8g protein


Sausage Patties$2.00


Side of Sausage Gravy$2.00


Hash Browns$2.00



Cinnamon Roll$3.00

Breakfast Potatoes$2.00

Side of Peanu Butter $0.50



Buc Fries$7.00

Waffle fries topped with cheddar cheese, crispy bacon and served with sour cream or ranch dressing
(44 carbs, 440 calories, 14g protein)

Jalepeno Popper stuffed w/ Cream Cheese and Bacon$8.00

Regular or Spicy Cheese Curds$7.00

Battered, seasoned Wisconsin white cheddar cheese curds, fried to a golden brown and served with ranch dressing
(28 carbs, 530 calories, 3g protein)

Onion Ring Tower$7.00

A crispy tower of golden onion rings served with ranch dressing
(2 rings: 12 carbs, 246 calories, 2g protein)

Fried Pickles$5.00

Hand breaded deep-fried pickles served with ranch dressing
(20 carbs, 330 calories, 3g protein)

Fried Mushrooms$7.00

Battered and deep-fried mushrooms served with ranch dressing
(5 carbs, 36 calories, 2g protein)

College Fries$3.00

House Favorite
Crinkle fries smothered in creamy gravy
(36 carbs, 175 calories, 3g protein)

Southwest Eggrolls$8.00

Blend of chicken, cheese and vegetables wrapped in a tortilla, fried until golden and served with a side of Mary’s chipotle ranch
(1 Roll: 7 carbs, 101 calories, 4g protein)


Appetizer Sampler$13.00


Served with choice of one side, excluding baked potato

Tender Basket$7.00

Four hand breaded tenders served with Mary’s dipping sauce
(62 carbs, 700 calories, 38g protein)

Catfish Basket$7.00

Two hand breaded catfish strips, two hushpuppies and Mary’s tartar sauce
(52 carbs, 417 calories, 13g protein)

Shrimp Basket$8.00

Six breaded jumbo shrimp served with cocktail sauce
(30 carbs, 315 calories, 14g protein)

Maverick Spud$6.00

Large baked potato with butter and shredded cheese. Covered with a creamy layer of our mac and cheese and topped with thick cut bacon pieces, chives and a dollop of sour cream (sides not included)
(85 carbs, 795 calories, 78g protein)

Slider Basket$6.00

House Favorite
Two slider burgers with cheese
(35 carbs, 350 calories, 14g protein)


Salad Bar$7.00

One trip to our salad bar

Mary's Chef Salad$7.00

Lettuce and spinach mix with bacon, sliced boiled egg, tomatoes, sliced onions and cheese
Add Crispy or Grilled Chicken +$1 (Crispy Chicken: 20 carbs, 441 calories, 24g protein | Grilled Chicken: 10 carbs, 152 calories, 28g protein)

Cottage Cheese$3.89

Two scoops of cottage cheese served on leaf lettuce and topped with tomatoes
(17 carbs, 173 calories, 26g protein)

Chicken Salad$5.00

A hearty scoop of our creamy chicken salad served leaf lettuce
(8 carbs, 270 calories, 13g protein)

Dinner Salad$2.89

Speciality Dinners

Served with a salad, choice of two sides, and a roll

Fried Shrimp$15.00

Eight hand breaded jumbo shrimp served with cocktail sauce
(70 carbs, 580 calories, 23g protein)


Grilled salmon deliciously seasoned with lemon pepper
(30 carbs, 510 calories, 48g protein)


12 oz. ribeye steak grilled to perfection
(30 carbs, 670 calories, 62g protein)

Country Dinners

Served with choice of two sides and a roll

Chicken Fried Steak$10.00

4 oz. hand breaded cube steak served with cream gravy
(19 carbs, 503 calories, 28g protein)

Pork Chop$10.00

6 oz. bone-in perfectly seasoned and grilled to perfection
(14 carbs, 300 calories, 29g protein)

"Hungry Man" Fried Steak$12.00

8 oz. hand breaded cubed steak smothered in cream gravy
(20 carbs, 846 calories, 28g protein)

Hamburger Steak$10.00

10 oz. served with grilled onions and rich brown gravy
(14 carbs, 676 calories, 58g protein)


8 oz. tender and juicy choice cut beef grilled to the way you like it
(14 carbs, 284 calories, 54 g protein)


House Favorite
Three hand breaded catfish strips served with hush puppies and Mary’s tartar sauce
(71 carbs, 527 calories, 20g protein)

Chicken Fried Chicken$10.00

4 oz. hand breaded cube steak served with cream gravy
(19 carbs, 503 calories, 28g protein)

Monterey Chicken$10.00

House Favorite
8 oz. seasoned and grilled chicken breast covered with a layer of Swiss cheese and topped with crispy bacon and BBQ sauce
(23 carbs, 350 calories, 42g protein)

Grilled Chicken Breast$9.00

Seasoned and grilled chicken breast
(14 carbs, 260 calories, 37g protein)

Half Tidbit Chicken Dinner$6.00

Crispy or grilled boneless chicken tidbits.
Half (4 oz.) with one side
(Grilled, Half: 14 carbs, 160 calories, 20g protein | Crispy, Half: 22 carbs, 280 calories, 20g protein)

Full Tidbit Chicken Dinner$9.00

Crispy or grilled boneless chicken tidbits.
Full (8 oz.) with two sides
(Grilled, Full: 14 carbs, 260 calories, 37g protein | Crispy, Full: 30 carbs, 500 calories, 28g protein)

Carol's Favorite$7.00

4 oz. grilled tidbit chicken with grilled spinach, bell peppers, onions and grilled California blend veggies
(sides and roll not included)
(34 carbs, 243 calories, 22g protein)

Swiss Chicken$10.00

8 oz. seasoned and grilled chicken breast covered with Swiss cheese and grilled mushrooms


Served with choice of one side, excluding Baked Potato

Ranch Burger$9.00

Bacon cheeseburger with lettuce, tomatoes and shredded cheddar cheese covered with ranch dressing
(27 carbs, 660 calories, 35g protein)

Jalapeño Burger$10.00

Smothered in grilled jalapeños and topped with pepper jack cheese
(28 carbs, 238 calories, 26g protein)

Mushroom & Swiss Burger$10.00

Smothered in grilled mushrooms and topped with Swiss cheese

Black & Bleu Burger$10.00

House Favorite
Bacon cheeseburger with Cajun seasonings, lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar and bleu cheeses
(28 carbs, 714 calories, 40g protein)


Dressed the way you like it. Add cheese for $.75. Add another patty for $1.39. Add bacon for $.99

Veggie Burger$7.00

Vegan Option
Plant based, gluten free and 100% vegan
(32 carbs, 227 calories, 14g protein)

Build Your Burger$7.00

Comes with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles
Add Another Burger Patty +$1.50
Add Bacon | Cheese | Mushrooms | Jalapeños +50¢ each
(23 carbs, 423 calories, 21g protein)

Single Patty$2.00

Burger Only$5.00


Served with choice of one side, excluding baked potato

Patty Melt$8.00

Hamburger patty topped with grilled onions, Swiss cheese and Mary’s Sauce served on Texas toast
(38 carbs, 330 calories, 26g protein)

Philly Cheese Steak$9.00

Thinly sliced beef grilled with onions and green peppers, topped with Swiss cheese served on a hoagie bun
(45 carbs, 449 calories, 12g protein)

Steak Sandwich$9.00

Chicken fried steak on a bun served with lettuce and tomatoes
(65 carbs, 684 calories, 36g protein)

Chicken Sandwich$8.00

Grilled or crispy chicken breast served on a bun with lettuce and tomatoes
(Crispy: 68 carbs, 689 calories, 24g protein, | Grilled: 57 carbs, 510 calories, 35g protein)

Club Sandwich$9.00

Ham, turkey and crispy bacon layered on toast with American cheese, lettuce and tomatoes
(45 carbs, 712 calories, 48g protein)

Chicken Salad Sandwich$7.00

Creamy chicken salad with grapes, pecans and celery served on a croissant
(86 carbs, 506 calories, 27g protein)


Crispy bacon, lettuce and tomatoes served on Texas toast
(44 carbs, 492 calories, 22g protein)

Grilled Ham & Cheese$7.00

Thick sliced ham and American cheese served on Texas toast
(44 carbs, 440 calories, 25g protein)

$3 Sides


(17 carbs, 80 calories, 2g protein)

Green Beans$3.00

(7 carbs, 35 calories, 2g protein)

California Veggie Blend$3.00

(5 carbs, 30 calories, 1g protein)

Steamed Calfornia Veggie Blend$3.00

Fried Okra$3.00

(8 carbs, 75 calories, 2g protein)

Crinkle Fries$3.00

(32 carbs, 180 calories, 3g protein)

French Fries$3.00

(28 carbs, 180 calories, 3g protein)

Curly Fries$3.00

(35 carbs, 200 calories, 5g protein)

Waffle Fries$3.00

(37 carbs, 170 calories, 3g protein)

Sweet Potato Fries$3.00

(24 carbs, 150 calories, 3g protein)

Tater Tots$3.00

(22 carbs, 175 calories, 3g protein)

Onion Rings$3.00

(2 rings: 12 carbs, 246 calories, 2g protein)

Baked Potato$3.00

(37 carbs, 160 calories, 4g protein)

Loaded Baked Potato$3.00

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy$3.00

(20 carbs, 120 calories, 2g protein)

Mashed Potatoes & Brown Gravy$3.00

Mac & Cheese$3.00

(25 carbs, 240 calories, 15g protein)

Side Salad$3.00

(15 carbs, 100 calories, 3g protein)

Wild Rice$3.00

Kettle Chips$3.00

Cottage Cheese$3.00

(8 carbs, 80 calories, 13g protein)

Fresh Fruit$3.00

Cole Slaw$3.00


Side of White Gravy$3.00

Side of Brown Gravy$3.00


Milk or Chocolate Milk$2.00

(Milk: 13 carbs, 110 calories, 8g protein | Chocolate Milk: 26 carbs, 208 calories, 8g protein)


Regular or Decaf
(0 carbs, 10 calories, 0g protein)

Hot Tea$2.00

(0 carbs, 0 calories, 0g protein)

Hot Chocolate$2.00

(20 carbs, 80 calories, 1g protein)

Apple, Orange or Grape Juice$2.00

(Apple: 28 carbs, 110 calories, 0g protein | Orange: 37 carbs, 160 calories, 2g protein | Grape: 40 carbs, 180 calories, 1g protein)

Soft Drinks$2.00

Pepsi | Coca Cola | Diet Coke | IBC Root Beer | Dr Pepper | 7 Up | Mountain Dew | Roy’s Fresh Lemonade

Cherry Limeade$3.00

(45 carbs, 230 calories, 0g protein)

Iced Tea$2.00

Sweet, Unsweetened or Sweetened Black Raspberry
(Sweet: 7 carbs, 150 calories, 0g protein | Unsweetened: 0 carbs, 2 calories, 0g protein)


Triple Berry Smoothie$4.00

Strawberry Banana$4.00

Mango Burst Smoothie$4.00

Carmel Macchiato$4.50

Mocha Frappe$4.50


Hand-Dipped Shake$3.89

Hand-Dipped 24oz Shake$4.24

Hand-Dipped 32OZ Shake$7.00

Single Dip Ice Cream Cake Cone$0.91

Single Dip Ice Cream Waffle Cone$1.29

Double Dip Cream Waffle Cone$1.99

Single Ice Cream Sundae$2.89

Double Ice Cream Sundae$4.29

Slice of Pie

Pie A La Mode$3.79

Whole Pie$12.00



Whole Cheese Cake$35.00


Served with hot roll and one side.

Kids' Corn Dog$4.00

Kids' Bowl of Mac & Cheese$4.00

Kids' Grilled Cheese$4.00

Kids' Popcorn Chicken$4.00

Kids Turkey Sandwich on White$4.00

Kids Peanut Butter & Jelly$4.00


Gallon of Tea$3.19











Quart of CHICKEN SALAD$12.00

Consumption of undercooked meat, poultry, eggs, or seafood may increase the risk of foodborne illnesses.